The Jordanian stone and tile industry has been rapidly growing as the world advances and demand for construction materials rise. The sector’s products now reach 43 countries, up from only 24 in 2000 Export volume has increased in kind, topping $64 million in 2016, according to official figures. Nevertheless, industry insiders estimate that these figures underestimate the size of the Jordanian export market due to under reporting and misclassification, with actual exports pegged in excess of $80 million. Growing exports mean that international markets play are an increasing important driver for the sector, accounting for one-third of all revenues.


Led by a booming construction market, neighboring countries in the Gulf and Middle East region make up the majority of Jordanian stone and tile exports. The largest importer of Jordanian stone is Saudi Arabia, accounting for 40% of the export market. The UAE, Kuwait and Lebanon, make up an additional 32%, while remaining countries in the region absorb 13% of Jordan stone exports. Outside the Middle East, the Republic of Korea, China, and the US are the largest consumers of Jordanian stone.

Jostone is optimistic about the future of the Jordanian stone and tile industry. Jordan has a vast amount of raw material and also relatively low labor costs—making Jordan’s prices very competitive on international markets. Additionally, Jordan has a large variety of high-quality stones with different mechanical properties that are increasingly being sought after as low-cost, high-quality alternatives to more established stone products.

Recent efforts to diversify export markets outside of the Gulf and Middle East regions are beginning to yield results. In particular, participation in trade fairs and export promotion programs in the United States and Canada has enabled several Jordanian firms to gain a foothold in these markets. Given the relatively low levels of penetration in these markets, there is excellent opportunity to gain market share, particularly with free trade agreements set to come into force in 2010.nian stone and tile industry.

Jostone is also working with the various donors and the Jordanian government to expand the base of export-ready firms. Although only the largest Jordanian companies are currently able to meet the challenges of competing globally, numerous program are underway to help SMEs produce to international standards and penetrate new markets.

Jostone is dedicated to providing its members with up-to-date industry information, increasing marketing and advertising efforts on an international scale, and lobbying the government for a desirable business environment as we work to grow and develop the Jordanian stone and tile industry.